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Questions to ask them

Research the program before you land for the interview. It makes a good impression. Information is accessed from their website.

  1. What is the philosophy of the program?
  2. Who are the faculty?
  3. What kind of curriculum is offered?
  4. How many hospitals participate in the program?
  5. Is a thesis or publication required during training?
  6. Is there time and funding for conferences and meetings?
  7. To what extent do residents manage patients?
  8. What is the patient mix and what are the community demographics?(IMPORTANT!)
  9. Is the program changing, and why?
  10. What do residents here like most and least?
  11. What are the opportunities in research, clinical, and teaching?
  12. What is the scope of experience I can expect?
  13. What is the program like (in the subspecialty I’m interested in)?
  14. Where are the graduates of the program now?(IMPORTANT!!)
  15. How much elective time is there and how is it usually used?
  16. Is the Chairperson staying? Did anyone recently leave? Where are they?
  17. What percentage of graduates enters fellowships?(IMPORTANT!!)
  18. How is the training divided?
  19. What are the weaknesses of the program? (Don’t be afraid to ask this Q)
  20. Do residents have time to read?
  21. How available are the Attendings (including nights and weekends)?
  22. What were the results of the last accreditation visit?
  23. Are there any joint residency activities?
  24. What is the patient mix? Does it reflect the community demographics?
  25. What kind of community outreach might we be involved in?

Competitiveness of the Program:

  1. What do you look for in a candidate?
  2. How many people do you rank?
  3. How do your residents perform on boards?
  4. What is this program most respected for?
  5. What is the ownership of this institution?
  6. How financially stable is the program?

Quality of Life:

  1. What is the mix of married and unmarried residents?
  2. What is the racial/ethnic/gender breakdown of residents?
  3. Do the residents socialize as a group?
  4. Are their support groups?
  5. Is there an Office of Minority Affairs? What is its role?
  6. How many residents are there?
  7. What is call schedule like?
  8. What happens if someone is sick?
  9. Characterize faculty-resident relationships.
  10. What is the relationship between this program and other specialties?
  11. Have any house staff left, and why?
  12. What do you expect of your house staff?
  13. Is there a house staff grievance process?
  14. How are complaints handled?
  15. What is the parental leave policy?


  1. Do you offer health, life, disability insurance?
  2. What is the salary?
  3. What is your meal plan?
  4. What kind of vacation time do you offer?
  5. Do you have sick days?
  6. Do you have maternity/parental leave?
  7. Does the curriculum include training in cultural competence?
  8. What is the make-up of the patient population?
  9. Is the program or hospital involved in any projects to help the Underserved?

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