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Questions to ask the Residents

  1. What is the house staff officer’s general opinion of the program?
  2. Is there a medical library close to the hospital and does it contain an adequate selection of recent books and journals?
  3. Is there an adequate visiting professor program with other institutions?
  4. How valuable are the conferences?
  5. Are chart rounds conducted routinely?
  6. What is the average number of patients for which each house officer is responsible?
  7. Does the house staff receive adequate clinical experience performing procedures? Who teaches these procedures?
  8. What is the clinic schedule? Is there a continuity clinic?
  9. Is an attending physician present during each clinic?
  10. What does the house staff officer think of the chair? What is the chair’s background and reputation? Is the chair sincerely interested in teaching house staff? Is the chair readily accessible to the house staff?
  11. Are emergency services readily available?
  12. Do all wards of the institution have cardiac arrest charts and EKG machines?
  13. Is a radiologist available 24 hours for consultation?
  14. Does the hospital provide IV and blood drawing teams? Are lab results computerized?
  15. When do rounds begin in the morning and at what time does the normal day end?
  16. What is the on-call schedule? Does it change during the senior or chief year?
  17. Is moonlighting permitted and is it available in the community?
  18. Are meals provided free or at a discount for house staff? Is there an evening meal? Is food available/ provided at all hours?
  19. Is parking provided? If so, where?
  20. Are uniforms and laundry free of charge to the residents?
  21. Is there adequate malpractice and disability insurance, including HIV disability insurance? Does the hospital provide health and life insurance?
  22. What is the availability of housing and its average cost? Where do most staff live? If many staff people commute, what is the average commute time? Should there be a concern for safety in some areas?
  23. Is there a house staff association and what is its relationship with the administration?
  24. What are the climate and general living conditions in the community?
  25. What is the general atmosphere of the hospital? Is it a pleasant place to work?
  26. What is the house staff officer’s opinion of programs at various institutions?
  27. Is the stipend good enough for living in that community?
  28. Does the program stick to Residency Review Committee’s (RRC) regulations about to sticking to 80-hour work limits for residents?

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