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Questions to ask the PD

  1. What is the interviewer’s general opinion of the program?
  2. What is the general framework of the training program?
  3. Is most of the program conducted in the major hospital?
  4. What is the composition and caliber of the teaching and attending staff? Are they fulltime or part-time?
  5. Does the attending staff participate in daily rounds and conferences, or is the bulk of the teaching performed by other residents?
  6. What is the conference schedule? Is time for conference protected time?
  7. Are there any teaching conferences specifically for house staff?
  8. Does the program allow for research by the house staff? If so, does the department fund it? Is there an elective time in which to do it? Are there faculty mentors?
  9. Are rotations in related subspecialties included in the program?
  10. Which electives are offered, and at what periods during the program?
  11. Are residents permitted or encouraged to attend regional or national medical conferences?
  12. Have any graduates of the program ever failed to do well on the certifying exams and if so, why?
  13. Does the chair plan any changes in the program in the near future? Is the director likely to retire shortly or remain as chair during your residency?
  14. What are the chances of permanent local practice after residency?
  15. Is there a pyramid system? How many cuts are made each progressive year?
  16. What is the financial status of the institution?
  17. Has the program or institution ever been put on probation or been denied accreditation for any reason?
  18. What does the director think of the programs offered by other institutions? Which of them, if any, would the director recommend?
  19. What were the results of the most recent “in-training” examination? Is a minimum score required to progress to the subsequent year?
  20. How many residents decide on fellowships? How many succeed?

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