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September 1st. Do not procrastinate. If you want a head start over others you need to do this. No point regretting later. Even a delay of 15 days makes a difference. Even after applying, you can upload more LORS, retransmit a new USMLE Score result, and change your ‘MY PROFILE’.


This is a difficult and dicey question to answer. It depends on

  1. Your level of confidence if you can judge yourself well
  2. Competitiveness that year
  3. The field of your interest
  4. Your communication skills
    This is important for the interviews. If you feel that your communication skills are not too good you could apply to more institutions just to increase the number of interviews and therefore your chances.

    If you are applying to very competitive programs obviously you need to increase their number to increase your chances
  5. STEP 3 EXAM

    September, October. However it will be excellent if you are able to clear it before you apply. This will give you an edge over others with visa issues, H1B Visa but not J1 visa

Meanwhile by October 1st week starts calling the programs you had applied to and ask for your application status. Some program coordinators can be rude but you have to take it in your stride. Try some excuse for calling them up for example, if you are recently ECFMG certified or have cleared your Step 3, to inform them and at the same time remind them of your application to their program.

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