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How to prepare for an interview

This is the easiest of the entire ordeal, in contrast to how you feel before your first interview experience. So relax. First prepare answers to the common questions. Then get ready the things you will need for the interview. Buy a suit preferably dark colored and it could be a skirt for ladies .Wear formal shoes and carry a folder with all your documents. Present yourself neatly and professionally. You are not appearing for an exam as a student rather it’s a job interview. Appear confident and articulate with as many people as possible. Be congenial, pleasant and at the same time ask questions about the program. Remember the interviews are a two way assessments. So ask questions, form an opinion and on getting back home jot down the pros and cons of the program as they will fade away quickly with subsequent interviewers.


  1. Body language is very important
  2. Experienced interviewers put both chairs on the same side of the table
  3. Inexperienced ones sit on one side of a big table and let you sit on the other side
  4. Good programs try to impress you to rank them highly
  5. The bad programs ask medical questions and put the onus on you to impress them
  6. Use a standardized form to evaluate each program rather than go by gut feeling. (MUST/ WANT by Iserson’s)
  7. English and communication skills are very important
  8. Program coordinators rate you too…the first few minutes when you greet and talk to them you will see that they are evaluating you too. At UIC- Christ the PC fills out the form on you too
  9. The rank order list of the program is decided 50 % by your CV etc and 50 % by your interview performance
  10. Closing part of the interview is very important
  11. If you are poor at interviewing, kindly have some mock interviews

The programs judge you by spending a few hours with you. Put yourself in their shoes. Who will you be most impressed by? A communicative, friendly, pleasant person who gets along with most people or a reserved person who hesitates to communicate and express him/herself. It is your personality that they are looking at since your CV already reflects your academic achievements.

Research the program before you land for the interview. It makes a good impression. Pre interview dinner is a casual occasion. Wear trousers and a sweater or a shirt. No need to carry your documents. You will meet the chief resident and other residents. You can ask questions about vacation time and number of days off / week which you may hesistate to ask the Program Director. Also ask them about the working atmosphere, how much free time they get and how much time to study. In the midst of this interaction eat well. Do not peck at your food; it might indicate that you are nervous.

Safe Number:

With around 10-12 interviews you will most probably match. There have been instances where people with just one interview have matched and in contrast 25 interviews and remained unmatched.

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