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Residency interview evaluation form

Candidate: _____________________________________________________
Interviewer: ________________________________ Date: _______________

Please rate each candidate in all areas. Omission of one category will unfairly penalize the applicant. The highest number in any category indicates the best rating.


  1. Training Director Letter 1-10 ____
  2. Letters of Recommendation 1-10 ____
  3. Personal Statement 1-10 ____


  1. Presentation 1-10 ____
  2. Command of English 1-10 ____
  3. Intellectual Skills 1-10 ____
  4. Specialty Mindedness 1-10 ____
  5. Personality and Character 1-10 ____
  6. Interest in Neurology 1- 10 ____
  7. How much would you enjoy teaching 1-10 ____ this applicant?



Schedule the interview at your convenience. Although the general idea is to schedule the good ones in January so that they remember you my opinion is if they are impressed by you, they will remember you no matter what. Try to group the interviews area wise so that you don’t have to travel unnecessarily. This is difficult but if you are expecting more interviews from that region then leave dates free around the one you have scheduled in that area. Schedule the good programs in which you are not very interested early so that you will get a feel of the interview process before you go on to ace them.

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